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Catalytic converters C72 and C82/7700423818 from Renault Twingo

C72 and C82/7700423818 catalysts are used by the French brand Renault.

Catalytic converter C72 from Renault Twingo
Catalyst C82 / 7700423818 from Renault Twingo
The interior of the catalyst with palladium ceramic inserts

As with the catalysts from Renault Clio, there are also two ceramic inserts saturated with palladium – smaller and larger. Their weight is for C72 and C82 catalysts, respectively – 0.89 kg and 0.94 kg. The length is about 33 cm. The shape is oblong, rounded and asymmetrical due to the arrangement of the inlet and outlet in two different planes.

The C72 was mounted on the Renault Twingo 1.2 petrol version from 2000, while the C82/7700423818 on the Renault Twingo 1.2 petrol version from 1996.

Renault Twingo from 1996.

Twingo is a car from segment A produced by a French producer, Renault since 1992. It is a four-seater, three-door hatchback with a four-cylinder engine on the front of the transverse line and front-wheel drive. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show on October 5, 1992. Commercialization began (initially in Europe) at the beginning of the following year.

The history of the model began in 1990 with the W60 project, which gave him life and during the following years developed, was modified after repeated failures. It introduced many changes throughout the sales period, despite which the company failed to achieve success as in the case of Renault 4 and 4CV.

At the end of 1987, the Renault design department was entrusted to Zulay Villamizar, a French car designer who already had considerable experience in such companies as Simca, Ford, Volkswagen and Audi. He was widely known for his radical style. He was summoned and supported by Raymond Lévy, president of Renault, who gave him full autonomy to work and who trusted his talent.

Several groups of designers worked on the project, but it is emphasized that the final design was influenced by Beskid 106, a prototype economic hatchback car designed in Poland by the Center for Automotive Research and Development BOSMAL (Automotive Research and Development Center), automotive design and planning center in 1982-1986, to replace the aging Fiat 126.

“Twingo” is an abbreviation of “Twist”, “Swing” and “Tango”.

Both models come from the first generation, which was produced in 1993-2012.

The original Twingo I was introduced on the market in April 1993 and sold in Europe until August 2007. In total, over 2.6 million copies were produced. Its short front and hood parallel to the windshield make it look like a minivan, even though its overall height and seat arrangement are typical of a passenger car. These two features allow you to get a more spacious interior than in the case of competition. In the years 1993-1999, it was the only Renault that had a digital electronic on-board device as standard (digital speedometer and fuel gauge).

Renault Twingo from 2000.

In 1998, Twingo Easy was introduced, equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox, and later with new options, new fabrics, new colors, and special editions (for example, Kenzò in 1995, United Colors of Benetton in 1996. I Velvet 1998) . In 1997, until September, only France introduced an environmentally friendly natural gas system, which was maintained until 2007. In 1998, after minor changes in details, the product range was started, starting with the engine (which was taken from Renault Clio), providing car users a smoother ride than their predecessor. On the other hand, efficiency has not changed.

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