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Purchase wholesale: Dariusz Seremak

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Ds Auto sp. z o.o.

Purchase of bulk catalysts, DPF particulate filters and valuation.

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ul. Tuwima 21
32-540 Trzebinia

NIP: 628-224-31-87

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1. Purchase wholesale. The minimum delivery is 100 pieces – contact Darek +48604611917
2. Free quote. The minimum delivery is 100 items (valuation time approx. 30 min.) The valuation is made according to the latest electronic price list, which contains the current exchange rates on the day of the valuation.
3. All deliveries at the head office are scheduled for the designated date and time.

If you are a person or company that has fewer catalysts, DPF filters, for example 1,2 or 5 pieces, you can price it in your province.

Purchase of filters, DPF particulates and catalysts takes place all over the country and Europe. Below you will find your province and contact the company that will evaluate your catalytic converter or DPF particulate filter.

International contact:

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