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Catalyst number KT1156 / A2204904314 / R02 from Mercedes

Catalyst number KT1156/A2204904314/R02 is found on Mercedes cars. It has an unusual shape due to two long projections that finish off the symmetrical metal can. Its length is about 70 cm and 20 cm wide, and the weight of its contribution is estimated at 2.16 kg. The current price for this catalyst can be found on our website.

Catalyst KT1156 / A2204904314 / R02 from Mercedes W211

Mercedes W211 has been produced since 2002 by the German automotive group Mercedes-Benz. Recognized as a Premium upper-middle class vehicle in the E segment, it has become the most popular limousine in this segment.
The W211 is the third generation of the Mercedes E-class, which replaced the predecessor called W210. The car was offered in two body versions. The version of the four-door sedan was called the title description W211, while the five-door station wagon version was called S211.
Both the first and second version are distinguished by spaciousness of the passenger compartment, convenience, elegance, comfort and modern design.
The Mercedes model certainly catches the eye because of its great finishes, the giant boot with a capacity of 540 liters and a wide range of modern engines. The catalyst model we are writing about was in one of the dynamic engines in the E320 version with a V6 capacity of 3.2 liters and 224 hp, where the maximum speed reaches up to 250 km / h.
In addition to gasoline engines, the manufacturer offered diesel versions, including turbo diesel, where even the pro-ecological version with 3.0 CDI Bluetec capacity of 211 hp was created. The last engine that was introduced to this model was the 1.8 CNG engine, which could be powered by both gasoline and gas.
Customers value this model for its maneuverability and driving comfort while traveling. The merit of this result is certainly the use of multi-link suspension and the body made of aluminum elements that contributed to the reduction of the vehicle’s weight.
Marcedes W211 relies on electronics to support vehicle operation and increase driving comfort. Of course, these are features that seem to be convenience and luxury, but it’s worth knowing that any electronic failure is associated with a service visit, because getting spare parts is very difficult.
In 2004, a paging action took place due to a faulty operation of the SBC electrohydraulic braking system, therefore in 2006 modernizations were introduced that aimed at improving and full efficiency of the braking system and the software contained therein.
In addition to this modification, the car underwent a small facelift, where the bumper was replaced, new rear lamp shades were introduced, the radiator grille was changed, and minor changes were made to the dashboard.

Describing the W211 as a whole, it’s worth appreciating its good handling, dynamic engines, high ride comfort, great finish and spacious interior and trunk.
The disadvantages include an electrician, electrohydraulic brakes, high shopping prices and high operating costs are particularly troublesome.

Despite the extreme opinions about the Mercedes W211, the car enjoys great popularity and crowds of fans. Technological solutions from Mercedes S-Class certainly contributed to the success of this model. The eternal rivals of the Mercedes W11 are the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series. In 2009, the production of this model was completed and the fourth generation of the model called W212 was introduced.