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What’s new in DS AUTO – changes in a nutshell!

Last year was full of many new products and improvements that we introduced for you.

There has always been one goal – to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need and to simplify the use of our website, and thus the catalog of catalytic converters, which we are constantly expanding with new models subject to ICP analysis.

Today we want to present you in a nutshell what has changed on our website in recent months.

We have introduced:

Filter in the petrol/diesel search engine

Recently, a new filter has appeared in the price list, which will make it easier for you to search for catalytic converter models based on whether they were cut from “petrol” or “diesel” cars.

For now, only a few thousand models have an annotation regarding the type of fuel in the system, but we will gradually expand our database to make it even easier for you to use the price list.

Some of you may be asking yourself – why may this information be important for people who are thinking about arranging the sale of the collected material?
As you know, the general condition of precious metals on the stock exchange is not the best at the moment, but the fact whether the model comes from a car with a petrol or diesel engine matters! Why?

*Models from “petrol cars” are dusted with palladium and rhodium, which have lost their value significantly recently.
*Diesel models, on the other hand, are sprayed with platinum, the value of which remains at a similar level.

So if someone really wants to wait for the so-called “better times”, it would be best to put aside those catalytic converters that come from cars with a petrol engine. In the case of diesels, “putting it aside” doesn’t make much sense.
We encourage you to test the new function – let us know if it will be helpful for you in making further decisions.

Model price history

On our website you can see not only the current value of catalytic converters but also the price history of each model, starting from the end of October.
Thanks to a chart showing values ​​from previous days, weeks and months (the range of data will increase over time), you can easily familiarize yourself with the dynamics of changes on the market without looking at stock exchange prices.

Information about the elements contained

If you were wondering what noble elements your used catalytic converters are dusted with, you don’t have to wonder anymore 🙂

The price list includes information whether the model contains platinum and palladium, palladium and rhodium, or maybe all of them at the same time?

Legend with a description of the abbreviations used

We realize that you do not have to know what an XRF or ICP spectrometer is – it is our task to have this knowledge. Therefore, it was necessary to create an explanation of individual abbreviations, which you will inevitably find in our price list when looking for the value of your catalyst. These abbreviations refer to, among others: to analytical techniques performed at our headquarters to determine the content of precious metals in the catalyst. Details:…/

In addition


We have reduced the minimum quantity of catalysts necessary to arrange a wholesale delivery to 100 pieces.

From now on, you can arrange delivery to the headquarters in Trzebinia with only 100 pieces of catalytic converters. Why this change? We are open to your needs.

We are aware that the current market situation is not conducive to development, so in order to meet your expectations and inquiries, we would like to invite you to our headquarters in Trzebinia, even if you want to sell only 100 units.
What are the benefits of this change?
* You can sell your goods faster;
* More frequent deliveries mean less risk of loss due to stock market fluctuations;
* You receive an immediate transfer to your account so you can develop your business without any worries;
* You don’t have to wait to collect 200 pieces like before;
* You can count on a more favorable settlement of your material;

Make an appointment for the sale of used catalytic converters at our headquarters now! (For companies over 100 pieces) by phone +48 604 611 917 or by e-mail –

Phone Central

Thanks to telephone automation, contacting the nearest purchase center in your area is not the slightest problem. Now, when you call +48 600 600 188 and after connecting to the machine, select your postal code from the keyboard, we will connect you directly with the closest, trusted DS AUTO Partner in your area!

Video or teleconsultation

Now you have the opportunity to arrange a 20-minute, no-obligation online conversation with us via Google Meet
or a telephone conversation about individual terms of wholesale cooperation at the headquarters in Trzebinia.

During the meeting, we will discuss mutual expectations and propose the best solutions tailored to you.

How to make an appointment?

go to the website: and select a convenient date from the calendar, fill out the short registration form, and a link to the meeting will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Click on the link received 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting or, if you chose a telephone conversation, find a quiet place and wait for our call.

We cordially invite you!