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Zamiennik katalizatora firmy Walker z oznaczeniem KA265-103R-000169/WALKER

Prices of catalyst replacements in 2021

In recent months, we have seen increased interest in the issue of catalyst substitutes. Some of you are looking for a part for your car to replace the worn out original part. However, many want to sell a replacement that has already fulfilled its function in the car and is not suitable for further use. The substitutes are also recyclable and are accepted without any problems in legal collection points.

Zamiennik katalizatora firmy Walker z oznaczeniem KA265-103R-000169/WALKER

Often, when you hear the term “replacement”, you believe that it equates to “worthless”. Then it even happens that you give up the sale or even inquiries about the amount you can get for it. However, it is worth checking in our catalog what value the replacement you used has. This can be done very easily using the “Price list” tab. We’ll show you how to do this in the following. The most popular manufacturer that produces replacements for exhaust systems is Walker. The catalysts produced by them often reach a very attractive purchase price.

What does the value of the replacement depend on?

Replacement prices, as with genuine parts, depend on the amount of platinum, palladium or rhodium in the cartridge. Among the replacements, we can find both worthless parts (which are mainly designed to fill the catalyst gap), low-value parts, but also catalysts of quite decent value. Much depends on the destination of the produced batch and what environmental standards are in force in a given area. The more they are tightened, the more precious metals there will be in the part and, therefore, the higher it will be. In 2021, we are dealing with a large increase in the value of substitutes. Even a small degree of dusting results in an attractive catalyst value, thanks to the systematically increasing rates. We encourage you to follow the current prices on our website.

How do I find the price of a Walker replacement?

Quoting a replacement with the help of the catalog on our website is extremely simple. In the search window, just enter the phrase “Walker” to see the full list of parts of this brand that we have analyzed.

To obtain specific information, just as with the original models, just enter the marking stamped on the lid and then click “Show price”.