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Catalysts C196/8200145056 and C228/8200324563 from Renault Clio

C196/8200145056 and C228/8200324563 catalysts are used by the Renault brand.

Catalytic converter C196/8200145056 from Renault Clio
Catalytic converter C228/8200324563 from Renault Clio
The interior of the catalyst with ceramic cartridges

These models have a longitudinal, slightly rounded shape and a small length of 33 cm. The C196 catalyst cartridge is heavier and weighs 0.9 kg. The second cartridge (C228) weighs 0.87 kg.

As you can see on the above cross-section, these models contain two palladium inserts. One of them – smaller – is more saturated with this noble element, so its color is also more intense.

Catalyst C196/8200145056 was placed in the car Renault Clio 1.2 from 2007 in the petrol version, while C228/8200324563 in Renault Clio III, Renault Megane II and III, Renault Scenic II and III and Renault Fluence 1.6.

In this article, however, we will refer to the Renault Clio model.

Renault Clio III from 2007.

Clio is a car belonging to the B segment, produced by a French manufacturer Renault. Clio began to be commercialized in 1990 as the successor of Renault Supercinco.

The vehicle is not sold under this name in all countries. In Japan, he is known as Lutetia, which refers to the Roman origin of Paris.

The model was chosen the car of the year in Europe in 1991 and 2006, Car of the Year in Spain in 1991, “Best Automobile Subcompact” and Automobile Panamericano in 2002, 2003 and 2004 in Mexico.

The third generation from which the catalysts described here originates is divided into two phases.

Phase 1: 2005-2009

From October 2005, the third generation Clio was sold. Completely new compared to the previous one, it shares its platform with Nissan Micra, as a result of Renault’s extensive participation in Nissan.

This new model was larger and more spacious than the previous one, which puts it in a better market segment. It was supposed to cover the gap that Clio 2 currently produces under the name Campus, perhaps until the arrival of the new Twingo.

It received five stars in the EuroNCAP test, thus joining the car family with the best result in these tests. It was also a cheap and small vehicle, and at the same time quite comfortable. He was re-elected as a car of the year in Europe in 2006.

Renault Clio III from 2007.

Phase 2: 2009-2012

Since the beginning of 2009, Renault has modified Clio for more sport and aerodynamic. In front there is a hole with an aerodynamic function that resembles that of its first version. Fuel consumption is reduced and new and very interesting additions are added. The clio sport also has an exclusive look, with a more aggressive front. Since November 2010, 1.5 dc motors with 85 power have become 90 FAP, and 1.5 dci 105 have become 110 FAP. From May 2011, the 1.6 16V models with the capacity of 128 hp, 2.0 16V 140 hp and 1.5 dc 110 hp, were withdrawn from service, gradually reducing the Clio III offer until the launch of Clio IV in October. 2012, after his presentation at the Paris Motor Show September 2012.

The Renault Clio collection is the third generation Clio version, which is sold simultaneously with the fourth generation. This collection is only available with a five-door body. This is the only Clio variant from 2009, which remains on the market, because the versions of the three doors and family (“Grand Tour”) ceased to be sold in autumn 2012. In the Clio collection you can choose one of two engines, gasoline -1.2 16 v 75 HP- and Diesel -dCi eco2 75 HP-. Both are associated with a five-speed manual transmission.

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