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Summary of 2023 at DS AUTO

Today we would like to invite you to our summary of 2023.

January is a perfect time to reflect on the past year, analyze completed projects and define further goals to be achieved. So let’s take a closer look at the challenges and successes that formed the foundation of our business in the previous twelve months.

The past year was a period of intense activities, innovation and hard work for our company. Despite the difficult market situation, we have not given up on our intentions, and the unfavorable market situation and falling stock exchange prices motivated us to make even greater efforts and efforts to make cooperation with us and our business partners even more fruitful and satisfying.

We would like to share with you our successes, but also openly address the difficulties we have encountered.

New year, new reality…

Let’s start with the most important issue for everyone. The year 2023 was not kind to anyone in terms of the stock market situation. We all felt the effects of the decline.

Wykres notowań palladu w ostatnim roku, źródło:
Wykres notowań platyny w ostatnim roku, źródło:



















A comparison of how the value of the most popular models in our catalog has changed over the last year can be found in the last blog entry:

Changes on the stock exchange resulted in significant destabilization on the catalytic converter market. It was necessary for everyone to quickly start working in the new realities in order to reduce losses caused by price drops.

What has obviously helped our Partners face the new reality is the activity within the DS AUTO partner network we have built. Cooperation with a reliable, stable partner can reduce the risk – how?

*We provide our clients with access to proven and reliable information, and we also support them strategically and marketing.

*By working with us, they benefit from our knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years and which we share completely free of charge.

*We settle the delivered material expressly, realizing that financial liquidity is the basis in this business.

*We protect our clients’ money by allowing us to “fix” prices for the delivered material, taking on the risk of changes in precious metal prices.

We have introduced many new things for you

At DS AUTO, we focus on continuous development, which is why in 2023 we have introduced a number of amenities for you. Some of them concerned changes in our price list, which we have enriched with as many as 4 NEW NEWS:

* a legend with a description of the abbreviations we use – its purpose is to explain the abbreviations we use, which refer, among others, to: to analytical techniques performed at our headquarters to determine the content of precious metals in the catalyst. Details:…/
* information about the elements contained in the catalyst, which helps in assessing the risk and changes taking place on the precious metals exchange,
* price history of each catalytic converter model, thanks to which you can track market price fluctuations over the last days, weeks and even months without having to look at stock exchange rates,
* filter regarding the type of fuel used in the vehicle from which the searched catalytic converter comes. The fact whether the model comes from a car with a petrol or diesel engine matters. Petrol models are dusted with palladium and rhodium, which have lost their value significantly recently. Diesel models, on the other hand, are sprayed with platinum, the value of which remains at a similar level. So if someone really wants to wait for the so-called “better times”, it would be best to put aside those catalytic converters that come from cars with a petrol engine. In the case of diesels, “putting it aside” doesn’t make much sense. The filter will make it easier to make a decision.


Moreover, taking into account the current market situation and your needs, we have reduced the minimum quantity of catalysts needed to arrange wholesale delivery to 100 pieces.

Thanks to this, smaller companies operating in the catalytic converter purchasing industry have the opportunity to obtain the most favorable terms of cooperation, which will influence the development of their businesses.

There were also new products that developed the form of contact with us and our partner points. It’s about a telephone switchboard and an online conversation. Thanks to telephone automation, contacting the nearest purchase center in your area is not the slightest problem, and the online consultation will allow for an initial conversation about the terms of cooperation with us, without the need to come to our company.

Some statistics

In 2023, the website was visited by 1,211,015 users! In total, you opened our website 5,030,122 times and viewed the tabs that interested you 23,201,132 times.

Our website has hosted users of several dozen nationalities, but the main recipients are people living in Poland, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

The vast majority of you visited our website using a phone browser (90.1% of visits).
You have made 7,718,948 valuations using the basic version of our publicly available price list.

Which models did you value most often?

* GM28
The top 20 is dominated by Opel models.

We have conquered social media!


*Currently, our main Facebook profile @katalizatorychrzanow is followed by almost 120,000 Internet users.
*The reach of our posts in the last year was a staggering number – 195,079,054!!!
*We recorded 27,000 new likes.
*83.90% of our recipients were men, mainly in the age group of 18-54.
*The main followers on Facebook are citizens of Poland, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nigeria and Brazil.

In 2023, we also developed our TikTok account – what resulted from that?

*During the last 12 months, our videos were viewed 18,180,911 times, we reached 13,102,286 viewers, and our profile was viewed 135,606 times.
*We gained 25,000 new followers – thank you for being with us!
*On Tik Tok, 70% of our followers are men, mainly aged 25-44. They mostly come from Poland, Germany, Romania, France, Hungary, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Italy.
*The video published at the beginning of February with our friend Sławek carrying a bucket with the monolith became a viral video and received as many as 1,700,000 views!
*The videos with the valuation of the K352 models from Peugeot 206 and GM203 from Opel received less than a million views.

In 2023, we took part in many events.

We started JANUARY 2023 with the New Year’s SIEMA, i.e. involvement in the annual collection of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, where we prepared a large basket of gadgets for the auction. At the same time, on the same day, January 29, 2023, we took part for the first time in WRAK-RACE, the idea of ​​which, as the name suggests, is to race old and damaged vehicles. Our stand was very popular, and the main attraction was the rollover and collision simulator prepared for us by the company Pro-Kierowca Driving License Pszczyna.

We visited this event again in MARCH during the edition of WRAK-RACE Silesia WOMEN’S DAY 19/03/2023, where this time our colleagues took an active part in the races, presenting their great skills behind the wheel of a “pimped-up” Hyundai.




















IN FEBRUARY, we had the great pleasure and opportunity to share our knowledge and experience during the webinar “End-of-life vehicles. Legal and registration obligations”. If you haven’t watched this presentation yet, you can easily catch up on our social media:

MAY was dominated by the slogan “Let’s save the bees”, which was the main idea of ​​the 3rd Chrzanów Eco-Fair. We celebrate World Bee Day on May 20, so we couldn’t celebrate this event any other way. Traditionally, we took part in the event as a co-organizer, but also one of the 32 companies, institutions and associations presented during the event – an exhibitor. We are happy to see that each year the event, organized together with Unimetal Recycling and MOKSiR Chrzanów, is becoming more and more popular among the residents of our district and we do not hide that we are hungry for more, so follow our profile to learn more about the next edition!


























































JUNE was a month of fun and family feasting thanks to the Children’s Day organized at our headquarters. The good mood that day was ensured not only by the favorable summer weather, but also by the attractions prepared for our employees and their families. If you want to go back to the memories from that day, please see the photo report on our fanpage:

This month, there was also the excitement of a trip to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to the METAVERSE EXPO 2023 SEOUL fair, where, together with our partner Unimetal Recycling, we gained knowledge about the economic system 3.0 and technologies based on artificial intelligence.

IN SEPTEMBER, a new season of our Chrzanów handball players began in the first league games. At this point, we must boast that the Unimetal Recycling MTS Chrzanów team we support finished the first round with a record of 10 victories, thus taking the leader’s seat! Congratulations and we keep our fingers crossed for further fruitful results during the second round of the competition, to which we invite you to participate from February 17/18.

IN OCTOBER we took part in the ecological event Clean, Green Cities – Chrzanów, which was created on the initiative of the Clean Poland Program Association. As part of this event, together with our colleagues from the UniLab Analytical Laboratory, we engaged in cleaning the Chechło River valley and planting trees at ul. Chestnut. There were also attractions prepared together with UniLab, which appeared at our stand during the picnic accompanying the event.






































OCTOBER also marks the PREMIERE of the DS Auto 2023 CATALOG, which is refreshed periodically every autumn and is available to our partners and owners of scrap cars. If you are curious about its content, visit the link below:















DECEMBER is, of course, the company Christmas Eve, where we celebrated the past year together with our partners, employees and friends. The time of integration, summaries and great fun allowed us to say goodbye to 2023 together.


A few words of summary:

Despite the difficult market situation that we all had to face, we operate dynamically and constantly introduce many modernizations into our activities, which make us remain the market leader and, above all, a reliable and stable business partner.

In 2023, we continued our CSR policy, consistently supporting initiatives that are close to our hearts. We are entering the new year with energy and many plans for further joint development. We believe that together with you we will be able to achieve them successfully.

Thank you for a difficult and challenging year!