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Katalizatory o numerach 1740183 oraz 1740184 stosowane są przez niemiecką markę BMW. Produkowane z kolei przez firmę Eberspacher. Ich cechą charakterystyczną jest podłużny kształt i niesymetrycznie ułożone wyloty. Jeden z nich skierowany jest pod kątem 45 stopni ku górze. Mierzą około 45 cm długości, a ich waga nie przekracza  0,27 kg. Na pokrywie znaleźć można 5 poprzecznych wgłębień. Cena detaliczna modelu 1740183 wynosi…

Catalysts 1740183 and 1740184

Catalysts numbered 1740183 and 1740184 are used by the German brand BMW. Produced in turn by the Eberspacher company. Their characteristic feature is the longitudinal shape and asymmetrically arranged outlets. One of them is directed at an angle of 45 degrees upwards. They measure about 45 cm in length and their weight does not exceed 0.27 kg. On the cover you can find 5 transversal recesses. The retail price of the 1740183 model is PLN 635.46 as at 28/02/2019, while the catalyst 1740184 – PLN 642.60.

Catalysts 1740183 and 1740184 are always included in the set. They were placed on BMW models – 328 528 and 728 in the years 1995-2000, in petrol cars with an engine 2.8.

If you own any of these cars, you are also the owners of the two catalysts below.



You can earn 1 278,06 PLN on them on 28.02.2019 on their sale. Current prices can always be found in our price list. This is the third such case that we mention, consisting in the fact that two catalysts come together in one car. Do you remember the first two? They concerned models from BMW, however, numbers 1732952 and 1732954, as well as catalysts 7502226 and 7502222, which appear in the little-known model Z3.

Now briefly about the models in which we can find such a valuable catalyst package.

About the Series 3, from which the model 328 and Series 5 comes from, in which we can find a group of 528 already wrote. Today, we will look closely at the 728 and Series 7 models. 7 is a series of luxury cars from the C segment. The production was from 1977. The last sixth generation was created in 2015.

It was presented in Munich, in June 1977 in the form of a sedan. The model was to replace the popular E3 and expand the range of models produced by a well-known manufacturer from Bavaria. The leitmotif of the first generation was E23. Since 1977 production of Series 7 consists of 6 generations, which include:

  1. BMW E23 – 1977 -1986
  2. BMW E32 – 1986 – 1994
  3. BMW E38 – 1994 – 2001
  4. BMW E65/ E66/ E67/ E68 – 2001 – 2008
  5. BMW F01/F02 – 2008 -2015
  6. BMW G11 i G12 – po 2015

In addition to traditional German factories in Dingolfing, from 2002, Series 7 is also produced in Thailand at the Rayong factory, which was opened in May 2000. $ 25 million has been invested in it. It also produces Series 5 and BMW X3 cars. In 2003, production in Africa was also started.

Version 728 is actually E38 728. It was produced in the years 1995-2002. Its maximum power is 142 kW, which corresponds to 193 hp. The result is that the maximum speed that the car is able to reach is 228 km / h. The acceleration to 100 km / h lasts 8.6 seconds. The characteristic feature of the car is the 6-cylinder engine 2.8. Allows for a dynamic and smooth ride. The car enjoys good opinions. It is said that in the price range of 10-30 thousand. there is no other car that would pay so much attention to passers-by. Some stop looking with delight, others in turn speed up the pace. In our country there is a common stereotype that this model is typical for gangsters or important people. If you care about your interest, choose this model. However, the biggest surprise is the fact that in a 20-year-old car there may be navigation, telephone, television or an advanced seat adjustment system. Driving pleasure guaranteed! Like any vehicle, however, it has its drawbacks. Namely, after driving many kilometers, there may be looseness in the suspension, frequent replacements of the rockers are also necessary, and the pixels in the meter tend to disappear. According to its owners, it is a car that you must love. Then, the money spent in its maintenance and repair does not count.

In all its glory you can see it here: