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Catalyst 60663078 from Fiat Multipli

Catalyst number 60663078 can be found in the Fiat Multipla car produced in petrol version from April 1999 to June 2010. The size of this catalyst is about 40 cm long and 18 cm wide. Despite the rounded edges, this catalyst has a symmetrical appearance. The current price for this catalyst can be checked on our website.

Catalyst 60663078 from Fiat Multipli

Multipla is a car produced by an Italian car concern Fiat in the years 1998-2010. The minivan was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1997, where it surprised with its controversial appearance from the very beginning.
The main feature of the unique Multipla design is the unique position of the headlights just below the windshield of the vehicle. The bold decision regarding the cosmic appearance of the vehicle made the car enjoy popularity and awards for “The Ugliest Car in the World”. Despite the many advantages that are inside the vehicle, it turned out that people too fancy style did not appeal to them.

This car was built on the floor plate from its predecessor, Fiat Bravo / Brava, which was only 4 meters long. Despite the small space, Fiat managed to create space in such a way that the car had as many as six seats: three in front and three in the back.
The biggest feature of this vehicle is definitely its spaciousness and practical layout. Thanks to the possibility of taking out, folding or moving the seats, the vehicle becomes flexible and allows much greater transport capacity than its competitors. Despite having up to six seats, the manufacturer has managed to save space for a roomy trunk with a capacity of 430-540 liters, where after removing the rear row of seats increases up to 1300 liters. Fiat Multipla is an extremely practical car . Countless storage spaces in a vehicle are only a small part of the flexibility that this vehicle has. Another convenience is the option of folding the two middle chairs and creating a practical table with drink holders. Another surprising flexibility in this model is the ability to transform the front middle seat into an 18-liter fridge.
Multipla is doing very well in diesel. Fiat offered here a 1.9 capacity JTD version with 105, 110-115 hp and a newer MultiJet engine with 120 hp. For gasoline engines, you can buy a 1.6-liter engine with 103 HP and a second version adapted for 1.6 CNG gas supply from 92-103 HP.
The less-popular 1.4 petrol engine with 77 HP and the 1.3 JTD diesel got to the taste of customers who prefer not too fast driving. Fiat Multipla has front-wheel drive using a five-speed manual gearbox.
Certainly, there is no point in counting on this issue. In the Euro NCAP crash tests, Multipla received only 3 stars.

The second version of the vehicle appeared in 2004 where it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The most noticeable change in this vehicle was the exterior design, which took on a more commercial and common appearance. Despite the introduced changes, unfortunately, the car did not enjoy greater popularity, and it lost the charm of its ugliness.
During the facelift you will notice several new engines, here are all of them: gasoline

1.4 77KM 57kW (2004-2010)
1.6 16V 103KM 76kW (2004-2010)
1.6 16V Bipower CNG 92KM 68kW (2004-2010)
1.6 16V Blupower 95KM 70kW (2004-2010)
in diesel:
1.3 JTD 85KM 63kW (2004-2010)
1.9 JTD 110KM 81kW (2004-2010)
1.9 JTD 120KM 88kW (2004-2010)
1.9 JTD 115KM 85kW (2004-2010)

Despite the changes that took place in the shameful appearance, Multipla did not achieve the intended sales effects and thus in 2010 ended the production of this model.