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Catalyst 46435411 from Fiat Palio

Catalyst number 46435411 characterized by a slightly sloping, striped shape. Its size is about 48 cm long and 16 cm wide.
This catalyst model is used for the model Fiat Palio Weekend in the production years 1996-2019. The current price for this catalyst can be checked on our website.

Catalyst 46435411 from Fiat Palio

Fiat Palio Weekend is one of four vehicles created as part of project 178 by the South American subsidiary of Fiat.
This project consisted in creating a family of B-segment cars. A common feature of the vehicles is only the modernized floor plate from the predecessor Fiat Uno.
The intention of the manufacturer regarding this project was to create a group of vehicles that would distinguish the type of body adapting to the needs of the consumer. For this reason, each model has its own distinctive name.

Fiat Palio Weekend began its production in 1996. Initially, this vehicle model was produced only in Brazil and Argentina. The following year, assembly lines were expanded to include countries such as Morocco, Venezuela, and Poland. In the following years, along with the sales development of the model, new lines were created in the eastern part of the world.

Fiat Palio Weekend is a typical station wagon. The first generation of this model was distinguished by its 4.1-meter size and high practicality.
The most popular engines were gasoline units with a capacity of 1.2 l and 80 hp, as well as 1.6 l and 106 hp. Important information is the fact that it was not possible to buy this model in diesel in Poland.
Although the car was produced in a 5-door version and has 5 seats, however, considering its narrow silhouette, it is most convenient to travel in 4 people. Despite the small dimensions on the passenger side, the vehicle is characterized by a large luggage capacity. Depending on the folding options, the backs and the sofa can be from 460l to 1540l.
Fiat Palio Weekend could be purchased in two versions, less and more equipped. Depending on the chosen variant, this model had: one or two airbags, immobilizer, electric windows, central locking.
Considering the vehicle segment, you can’t expect great impressions from this model. The car is created for people who value the price and the effectiveness of reaching their destination on short routes. Definite pros of this car are its packaging, low costs of buying parts, low price for buying a vehicle. Disadvantages are certainly the noticeable lack of comfort while driving, mainly when it comes to the seats on the rear of the vehicle, as well as the low quality of the raw materials from which the interior of the vehicle was made, as well as the frequent failure of the electrics.

In 2002, the manufacturer decided to refresh the debut model for Palio Weekend II.
The second version of the model was distinguished by a changed style mainly of the body and its front part. The improved version also had a new version of the dashboard, a definite plus was the improvement of the suspension and the appearance of new engines.

All in all, the Fiat Palio Weekend is the perfect car for urban jades. Its low cost of purchase and operation, as well as low failure rate makes this model popular not only among individuals but also among entrepreneurs.
Ultimately, the production of the Palio Weekend model ended in 2005, but by 2017 you can purchase vehicles with the shortened version of the Fiat Palio II.