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Catalyst GM14 / 25144440/25145381 / F9 / F8 / F7 / STANDARD from Opel

Catalysts GM14/25144440/25145381/F9/F8/F7/STANDARD they were used by Opel in the Astra model, in cars from 1995, in the version with 1.6 petrol engine. They are characterized by a very symmetrical and strongly rounded construction of the cover, which is only 26 cm long, a recess in the middle and flattened edges. The weight of the ceramic insert is 0.811 kg. The current price of the catalyst can be tracked in the price list brand.

Catalyst GM14 / 25144440/25145381 / F9 / F8 / F7 / STANDARD from Opel

We have already written about Astra in the article about the number catalyst GM22/90530748/F7/F8/F9.  We will briefly mention the advantages and disadvantages of using a vehicle.


  • durability of the running gear
  • simple structure, faults easy to repair
  • cheap spare parts
  • low operating costs

Disadvantages :

  • Corrosion ubiquitous on the body and chassis
  • oil leaks and excessive combustion
  • probe failures
  • looseness in the drive train
Opel Astra I
Opel Astra I

And finally a small treat – advertising Astra from 1995, in which the three-way exhaust gas catalyst installed in the model was mentioned.