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O ile powszechnie wiadomo, że w układach wydechowych samochodów montowane są katalizatory, o tyle nie wszyscy wiedzą, że możemy znaleźć je także w statkach, łodziach, autobusach, maszynach górniczych, rolniczych czy budowlanych, takich jak dźwigi, podnośniki oraz koparko-ładowarki. Montowane są wszędzie tam, gdzie powstają szkodliwe spaliny w wyniku pracy urządzenia, a ich zadaniem jest oczywiście ich oczyszczanie. Ile mogą być warte katalizatory z koparko-ładowarki ?

How much are the catalysts from a backhoe loader worth?

While it is well known that catalytic converters are installed in the exhaust systems of cars, not everyone knows that we can also find them in ships, boats, buses, mining, agricultural or construction machinery, such as cranes, lifts and backhoe loaders. They are mounted where harmful fumes are created as a result of the device’s work, and their task is of course to clean them.

Last week, one of the Contractors brought us 2 catalysts from a backhoe loader.

These were models: 10130556/32667004000/LIEBHERR/METAL and 10130554/32667003000/LIEBHERR/METAL.


He did not believe that they have any value. Fortunately, he decided to try and give it for analysis. Why “luckily”? because it turned out that the retail price 10130556/32667004000/LIEBHERR/METAL  as of today (03/04/2019) amounts to PLN 1,452.60, while the other, 10130554/32667003000/LIEBHERR/METAL PLN 602.10. Not bad for seemingly worthless catalysts, right?

Of course, in order to know the value of catalysts, it was necessary to cut the monolith from the center, grind it to a uniform form, and test it in our laboratory. Only the use of specialized equipment – spectrometer, and specialist knowledge allows to precisely determine the content of precious elements in the material provided. If in addition the whole process takes place in one place, you can be sure that you will get the best possible price.

If you have used catalysts whose values you do not know or other materials that may contain platinum, palladium or rhodium, please contact us!

Price list 7 800 catalyst models in the DS AUTO catalog.