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Last time we wrote about two – seemingly identical – catalysts from Honda.

Why exactly about these models? because they look almost identical and some may have trouble distinguishing them. They were of the same length from the orifice to the orifice, had the same housing shape and transversely arranged stripes.

They were number catalysts 3 + 4 / + strips probe, and 4 + 5 stripes / probe / civicThe two main features that distinguished them from each other are, of course, the price resulting from the content of precious metals and the number of stripes.

This time we want to show two catalysts installed from Honda Civic, which also look identical. I’m talking about models 4 + 5 / STRIPES / CIVIC / THIN GRILL and 4+5/HONDA/CIVIC

Catalysts 4 + 5 / BELTS / CIVIC / THIN GRILL and 4+5/HONDA/CIVIC

Why is it worth knowing how to distinguish them from each other?

Because of the huge difference in price. Model 4 + 5 / STRIPES / CIVIC / THIN GRILL is worth 4 times more than 4+5/HONDA/CIVICOn September 6, the retail price of models is PLN 838 and PLN 201 respectively. Remember, however, that the price is movable and depends on precious metals, so we recommend checking prices in our price list.

They look almost identical from the outside. The same number of stripes arranged according to the 4 + 5 scheme. 4 stripes on one half of the cover and 5 on the other. The same length from the orifice to the orifice, the same color of the housing (differences may be due to the state of wear of the catalyst).

It turns out that the difference in weight of both models is also not significant enough to help in identification.


Catalyst 4 + 5 / STRIPES / CIVIC / THIN GRILL
Catalyst 4 + 5 / HONDA / CIVIC

The difference between the models is only 264 g. When it comes to the weight of the ceramic insert itself, the difference is not really noticeable either. Well, the more expensive catalyst has a weight of 0.783 kg, while the cheaper one weighs a little more – 0.915 kg.

So how do you make a distinction?

First of all – the more expensive one has a clearly visible probe at one of the outlets. Secondly – after cutting off the orifice, we will see a characteristic grille, which in both numbers significantly differs from each other. Look at the following illustration.

Unlike both models, the box inside the model is helpful

On the left side there is a cheaper model 4+5/HONDA/CIVIC. On the right, a catalyst 4 + 5 / STRIPES / CIVIC / THIN GRILLThe difference between them is easily noticeable. The more expensive one has a grille with thin edges and smaller holes between them.

However, this does not cause a difference in price, and the content of precious elements in the cartridge. In the cheaper one can find platinum and rhodium. In more expensive, all three metals for which we pay – platinum, rhodium and currently more expensive palladium.

We encourage you to follow ours blog, where you can find the characteristics of an increasing number of models, bookmarks “courses” with current quotations and pricelist.