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Na rynku pojawia się coraz więcej firm skupujących katalizatory, jednak szczególnie wtedy, gdy chcemy je sprzedawać regularnie, powinniśmy zwrócić uwagę na odpowiedni dobór kontrahenta. Postawmy na takiego, który nie tylko zaoferuje najlepszą cenę, lecz także będzie działał w pełni legalnie. Jakie przedsiębiorstwa są godne zaufania przy prowadzeniu wycen, a jakie lepiej omijać z daleka?

Which company is worth trusting in the valuation of catalysts?

There are more and more companies buying catalysts on the market, but especially when we want to sell them regularly, we should pay attention to the right selection of the contractor. Let’s bet on one that will not only offer the best price, but it will also work legally. Which companies are trustworthy when conducting valuations, and what better to avoid from a distance?


Before we go to a specific purchase, it is worth checking what his website looks like. Contrary to appearances, this is a very good source of information about the company. First of all, the site should include: a current price list, as well as information about the activity. Thanks to the fact that we will be able to see prices, we can easily compare them to others on the market. The shared certificates or additional documents, which are usually found in the company tab, will allow us to pre-verify the credibility of the company.


Each purchase of catalysts should have appropriate permits and certificates. First of all, the company must be registered at the tax office, as well as have a permit for waste and transport, if it offers one. The customer has the right to inspect these documents – it is necessary to check whether purchase has permission to code 16081, i.e. to buy used catalysts containing gold, silver, rhenium, rhodium, palladium, iridium or platinum. The presence of such a code confirms the legal purchase action.


The most important for us, potential customers, is actually the method of conducting the valuation by the selected purchase. The company must have a spectrometer in stock, i.e. professional equipment to assess the content of precious metals. The spectrometer should be accompanied by a valid permit issued by the National Atomic Energy Agency. Then we can feel calm because we know that we will not be deceived – the buyer will not lower the price of the catalyst we sell.

Other issues related directly to the sale also matter, ie the previously mentioned current price list, the entire purchase / sale procedure – it should be clear and simple for us, as well as the type of financing – transfer or cash, invoice or bill. It is worth finding a company that in these respects meets our expectations.


The fact that buying meets the expectations we have set is one thing. The second issue is its reliability, that is, certificates, equipment and customer reviews. It’s best to choose a company that has been on the market for a few or a dozen or so years. One of such companies is DS Auto – we do everything to respond to the expectations of sellers, being at the same time a fully legally operating company.