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GM44 catalyst from Opel

Catalysts GM44 were used by Opel in the production of the Astra G model, the 2001 petrol version with a capacity of 2.2. Manufactured by Ismeretlen. Their length is about 45 cm, and the width is 12 cm. They are characterized by their oblong shape, symmetrical construction and a distinctive central part, which houses a ceramic insert weighing just over 1 kg. The current price of the catalyst outside the promotion can be followed on the website model or in the brand’s price list Opel.

GM44 catalyst from Opel Astra

We have already discussed the subject of Opel Astra twice. For the first time on the occasion of a catalyst GM28/90573211/2888F9, where we briefly presented the history of the model, and in an article on GM28/90573211/F7/F8/F9/STANDARD, where we pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of using this vehicle.

Opel Astra G 2002
Opel Astra G 2002