Characterized us

Choosing our company as a business partner you can count on our long experience on a market of collecting catalytic converters, which guarantees professional services provided by experts who know their business.
Decide on secure and legal sale – we have certificates of approval that allow us to purchase, storage, segregate and transport catalytic converters (we sign waste transfer notes: R4 and R15). Our license number:
OŚR. 6233.2.2011.BSX.
We guarantee the reception of catalytic converters from our suppliers whatever the market situation (connected with price decrease of metals) is.
Special “bonuses”
Get even 30% on a sale of catalytic converters. We guarantee high prices, without intermediaries.
Get special bonuses! – Do you run a vehicle dismantling station or a scrap metal business? Ask for special prices.
Follow our website and find all bargain offers that we have prepared for you.
Saving time
Do not waste your time on valuation in different catalytic converters collection centres, often situated many kilometres away from each other. Do it in our point in few seconds! We assess catalytic converters in less than no time – We provide quick valuation of catalytic converters basing on photo sent through the phone or email.
We facilitate the sale
We can provide legal aid while filling and completing documents.
We offer free monolith extracting from catalytic converters.
While selling your catalytic converters, you have got a guarantee that you will receive a reliable price according to day rate of receiving the valuation (decrease of price rates of metals are not applicable).
You immediately receive the payment in cash for the sold catalytic converters.