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21-08-2017 - 997 szt.
22-08-2017 - 835 szt.
23-08-2017 - 901 szt.
24-08-2017 - 998 szt.
25-08-2017 - 829 szt.
26-08-2017 - 721 szt.
27-08-2017 - 701 szt.
28-08-2017 - 993 szt.
29-08-2017 - 841 szt.
30-08-2017 - 754 szt.
31-08-2017 - 879 szt.
01-09-2017 - 976 szt.
02-09-2017 - 719 szt.
03-09-2017 - 700 szt.
04-09-2017 - 819 szt.
05-09-2017 - 701 szt.
06-09-2017 - 911 szt.
07-09-2017 - 912 szt.
08-09-2017 - 886 szt.
09-09-2017 - 824 szt.
10-09-2017 - 889 szt.
11-09-2017 - 853 szt.
12-09-2017 - 983 szt.
13-09-2017 - 742 szt.
14-09-2017 - 958 szt.
15-09-2017 - 938 szt.
16-09-2017 - 897 szt.
17-09-2017 - 844 szt.
18-09-2017 - 995 szt.
19-09-2017 - 735 szt.
23-08-201729-08-20175984 pcs.
30-08-201705-09-20175548 pcs.
06-09-201712-09-20176258 pcs.
13-09-201719-09-20176109 pcs.


We have our branches in each Polish city. Usually you will receive the pricing on the spot. On-site visit guaranteed.

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Welcome to DS Auto a company with rich experience which has been active in the market of catalytic converter purchase, monolith ball-mill grinding services, free of charge removal of monolith for 12 years now. Feel free to surf our site where you can easily determine the price of and sell your catalytic converter online. If you want to learn the history of DS Auto, find its business partners or establish cooperation go to the sub-pages.


DS Auto specializes in purchasing and processing of all kinds of catalytic converters and ceramic monolith. We have been present in the market since 2000 to constantly offer our customers fair cooperation rules and end-to-end services. Among the catalytic converters we purchase ceramic and metallic ones. We accept catalytic converters originating from all car makes to provide our customers with a fair and favourable price list of catalytic converters as well as comfortable collaboration conditions through an easy and simple process of determination of the catalytic converter price and the possibility to finalize the transaction online. So if you have any catalytic converters you want to sale the online purchasing system will be the best option for you. If you decide to collaborate with us you may expect professional services as we have been operating in the market of catalytic converters for a number of years and have become experts in our profession by offering professional consulting services and more. Reliable and fair rates are advantageous for our customers and independent from the possible fluctuations in the metal market as the price list we offer is based on real values. Our transactions are secure as we hold all the necessary licences to purchase and process ceramic monolith and catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are collected irrespective of the price drops in the metal market. We offer advantageous financial conditions as the price list we have prepared will allow a bonus of up to 30% due to the sale without agents. Immediate pricing offered within a short time period will allow you to make a decision on the transaction finalization without leaving your home. Complete formal and legal assistance – we will fill all the necessary documents related to the recycling of the catalytic converters. Free of charge removal of monolith from the catalytic converters and much more. We cooperate with numerous partners including steel works and laboratories dealing with the catalyst converter recycling which made us one of the industry leaders. If you want to check our price list and want to make a quick sale contact our advisor.



By choosing our company as a business partner you can count on our many years of experience in purchase of catalytic converters which is a guarantee of professional services provided by our experts who know their jobs.


Gain up to 30% when selling your catalytic converters. We guarantee high prices by eliminating the agents.
Win special bonuses! If you run a car dismantling yard or a scrap collection point ask about our special prices.
Follow carefully the updates at our site and see the special offers we have prepared for you.


Don’t lose your time to determine the price at various catalytic converter purchasers that are sometimes located many kilometres away from each other. Do it in a few seconds here! We can offer prices for your catalytic converter immediately. We guarantee quick price determination on the basis of a picture sent by e-mail or using your smartphone.


Choose secure and legal sale. We hold all the necessary licenses for the purchase, storage, segregation and handling of catalytic converters (we issue R4, R8 and R12 waste transfer notes compliant to the legal act). Our license number:
OŚR. 6233.2.2011.BSX.
We guarantee the collection of catalytic converters from our suppliers irrespective of the market conditions (related to drop in metal prices).


We offer legal assistance in filling and completing the documents.
We provide free of charge removal of monolith from the catalytic converters.
By selling your catalytic converters with us you can be assured of decent price calculated according to the rate of the day of the price determination (drops in metal prices have no impact on the converter price).
You are paid for the catalytic converters in cash.