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Skup hurtowy: Dariusz Seremak
Province Pomorskie


  • Address:

    ul. Pucka 91, 81-036 Gdynia

  • Phone number:

    508 259 482

  • E-mail adress:

  • Opening hours:
    • Mon-Fri: 8:00 -17:00
    • Saturday: Zamknięte
    • Sunday: Zamknięte
  • Herb
  • Stationary service point: TAK
  • Purchase of catalysts: YES
  • Purchase of batteries: YES
  • Access to the customer: TAK
  • Analiza XRF Spektrometr: TAK
  • Quote by numbers: TAK
  • Purchase of monolith and DPF filters: TAK
  • Obsługa auto-kasacji: YES
  • Prowadzenie auto-kasacji: NIE


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  • Catalysts contain precious precious metals – platinum, palladium and rhodium. Its value depends on their quantity in the interior.

    Depending on the brand, year or model in which the catalyst was installed, the content of the above elements varies greatly. Even two catalysts with identical external appearance can differ in their quantity and hence prices.

    A reliable valuation can only be obtained based on reliable data – i.e. a precise result of measuring the content of precious elements in the material supplied.

    Thanks to the fact that we have a laboratory equipped with the latest generation of Olympus hand-held spectrometers and a reliable, stationary ICP MS, we are able to accurately determine the value mentioned above and calculate the attractive price of each model.

    Our partner points use this knowledge. It is worth choosing one of them.
    To find out the specific value of a used model, it is necessary to enter its full number in the price list search engine.