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Od lat udostępniamy Wam najbardziej rozbudowane narzędzie do wyceny zużytych katalizatorów -nasz CatCatalog. W bazie znajduje się już niemalże 8 000 modeli różnych marek i stale jest ona rozbudowywana o kolejne numery. W związku z ogromnym zainteresowaniem jakim cieszy się katalog, postanowiliśmy umożliwić Wam jego lepsze poznanie. W dniach 15.04.2019 – 30.04.2019, zwiększamy limit dostępnych wycen. W tym czasie, za pośrednictwem naszej strony internetowej, wycenicie aż 10 modeli katalizatorów. Szczegóły w artykule….

We are increasing the limit of valuations in the catalyst price list!

For years we have been providing you with the most extensive tool for valuing used catalysts – you can find CatCatalog. The database already has almost 8,000 models of different brands and it is constantly being expanded with new numbers.

This price list is a professional and reliable tool that we use in our daily work. We put a lot of effort into creating such an advanced catalog. Each model that was included in the price list was subjected to XRF analysis to determine the content of precious elements. Thanks to the appropriate program, prices are updated on an ongoing basis depending on the current stock quotes. The application is therefore an extremely valuable tool for the purchase of catalysts.

We want the pricelist not only to serve DS AUTO and our partner points, but also to other collectors, vehicle dismantling stations, and above all individual customers who would like to get information about the value of their catalysts. As you know, we like to share our knowledge and experience. By providing a price list, we want to raise public awareness of the value of this important element of the exhaust system and the importance of an efficient catalyst for the environment.

We provide you with the price list in three ways – through:

  1. webpage
  2. Messenger
  3. tablet with the CatCatalog application

The first two ways are mainly addressed to individual clients. Thanks to using this simple option, they have the opportunity to get a reliable quote without leaving home. Every day, around 1,700 people use our price list. For people who have more to sell, we have created a shopping cart option. The valuation is made here by the purchase you have selected.

Similarly, on our facebook profile, there is a possibility to price catalysts by using the messenger. Just start the conversation and follow the bot’s instructions to get the information you need. It is extremely simple and intuitive.

The last, most advanced option is the price list in the form of a developed CatCatalog application. The application is a solution dedicated to our regular Suppliers. We wrote about the benefits of CatCatalog for companies in the article CAT CATALOG – A SIMPLE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CATALYST PRICING

The main advantage is the unlimited and unlimited access to the price of all models in the catalog. In addition, retail prices apply to the public price list. In case of permanent cooperation, apart from the valuation tool, which is the basis for purchasing work, you also receive more attractive wholesale prices. You work easier and earn more quickly. The app also has some very useful options, like a quote basket. You can easily create a list of catalysts and add new numbers to it, and the program will automatically sum up the value of the accepted delivery in the currency of your choice.

Constant cooperation is therefore associated with the following benefits:

  • free receipt of a tablet with the CatCatalog application and unlimited access to prices
  • receiving wholesale prices
  • free advertising on our website and on social media
  • help in buying the right spectrometer
  • substantive support at every stage of cooperation

Due to the huge interest that the catalog enjoys, we decided to allow you to get to know it better. On 15/04/2019 – 30/04/2019, we increase the limit of available valuations. During this time, through our website, you will pricing up 10 models of catalysts.

To take advantage of unlimited valuations and other benefits resulting from permanent cooperation, it is enough:

  1. Contact us – by phone or email

Tel. +48604611917

  1. Arrange for the delivery of catalysts – min. 150 pieces or monolith – min. 100 kg
  2. Get to know us better – see how we work, test the application, dispel doubts
  3. Make a joint decision to start a permanent cooperation
  4. Enjoy the offer for regular suppliers and current promotions