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Dziś po raz kolejny wracamy do Was z serią TOP 10. Tym razem temat będzie dotyczył TOP 10 skupów, które obecnie cieszą się dużą popularnością w naszym kraju. W jakich miejscowościach się znajdują ? Jakie ciekawostki związane są z miastami, w których są ulokowane ?

TOP 10 of the most popular catalyst purchases

Today, once again we come back to you with the TOP 10 series. Last time, we wrote about TOP 10 of the most expensive catalysts, where we specified their amounts, the models of cars in which they are assembled and briefly characterized them. Recently, on our guide blog, there was also an entry – “Top 10 most emergency catalysts” where we discussed which models are most likely to fail, in which cars, and in which part of the catalyst a fault should be expected. We also indicated what to do if we already became happy owners of the used catalyst.

This time, the topic will concern the TOP 10 purchase, which are currently very popular in our country. In which cities are they located? What are the curiosities related to the cities in which they are located? The selection criterion was the number of queries about the valuation they receive throughout the year. Their popularity, however, is not only due to the excellent geographical location, and above all from a professional approach to clients, a great knowledge of the topic and professionalism. Here they are, random order:

Purchase of catalysts in Trzebinia – Dariusz – phone number: 604611917  e-mail adress:  

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Trzebinia – a medium-sized city located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It counts over 20,000 residents. It is located in uplands, and at the same time the outskirts of the Krakow Metropolitan Area. In medieval times it was part of the Great Moravian state. The first public post founded here was at the same time a horse station of King Zygmunt August’s post and was located in the cloth hall on the Trzebiński Rynek. During the occupation period, she found herself under Austrian rule. In 1910, so-called Sierszy power plant, and a year later, the “Górka” Cement Plant was founded. When the Second World War came, the NKVD troops were stationed at the “Dworek Zieleniewskich” palace known in Trzebinia, while in the pebble area, the army of the Red Army was stationed. An interesting fact is that the Russians took two submarines in parts from the Huta area.










Purchase of catalysts in Suwałki – Rafał – phone number: 511 039 104 e-mail adress:












Suwałki – A well-known city in the Podlasie voivodship, lying on the Czarna Hańcza river. Located close to the border with Lithuania, Kalingrad region and Belarus. It is located in the so-called “Green Lungs of Poland”, and at the same time in lands rich in iron ore, vanadium, lead, and titanium rarely seen in Poland. Suwalszczyzna is often referred to as the coldest area of Poland. In 1842, Maria Konopnicka, known to everyone, was born in this town, and in 1882 Aleksandra from Szczerbinski, who became the wife of Józef Piłsudski. Andrzej Wajda was born in Suwałki. During World War II, the town was incorporated into the German Reich and was called “Sudauen”. Currently, it has around 70,000 inhabitants.










Purchase of catalysts in Oława – Marek – phone number: 669 380 097 e-mail adress:













Oława is located in the Lower Silesia Voivodship, and more specifically in the Wrocław agglomeration. It lies on three rivers – Oława, Oder and Zielona. The name of the city comes from the prefix “Oła”, which means water. The city was created from the transformation by Henry the Bearded of his own lands located in the area known to all of the lessons of the history of Psie Pole. Worth seeing is the Castle in Oława, but more like a manor house, was built in the fourteenth century by Prince Ludwik I. However, he had a gate tower, and the whole surrounded by a hydrated moat and defensive walls.











Purchase of catalysts in Warsaw –Bogdan – phone number: 606 987 490 e-mail adress:














Warsaw – Our capital is also the largest city in the country. Its foundation dates back to the 13th century. By virtue of the Lublin Union in 1569, the place of sessions of the Sejm of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was established, and 27 years later, the royal court was transferred there. Famous, historic Royal Castle, where King Zygmunt II Waza first came to live. He was repeatedly targeted by Swedish, German, Russian and Austrian attacks. The building was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The emblem of the city is the image of the Mermaid, known for all, about which an interesting legend has been told to children today. What is worth seeing in this city is the Palace of Culture and Science, which was the “gift of the Soviet people for the Polish nation”, the Grand Theater, National Philharmonic, National Museum, Warsaw Uprising Museum, National Library, Torwar Hall, and from 2012 Stadium National, also known as PGE Narodowy, which stood on the site of the former Tenth Anniversary Stadium.









Purchase of catalysts in Gdynia – Antoni – phone number: 508259482 e-mail adress:














Gdynia, part of the Tri-City, is located on the Baltic Sea. It has been around since medieval times, then it was a fishing village. It received city rights only in February 1926, and the establishment of the city led the authorities to build a port, whose task was to guarantee Poland access to trade routes and military naval bases. The city’s development was rapid. Within a few years from a small village, it turned into a national metropolis. It is one of the sunniest places in the country. Gdynia is also famous for its impressive tower. “Sea Towers”, where before the war there was a sea in their place, known to all Open’er concert, a small but unusually charming pier in the Orłowo district, as well as from the film festival, during which the prestigious Golden Lions prize is distributed.











Purchase of catalysts in Łódź – Rafał – phone number: 662 770 000 e-mail adress:













Łódź is definitely an academic city. There are 6 state-run universities and as many as 22 non-public higher education institutions. During the communist era, he was the heart of the textile and film industry. It is on the third place in the country in terms of the number of people living in it (Warsaw – I place, Krakow – II). To this day, there are several hypotheses where the name came from. During World War II, Adolf Hitler planned to transform her into the capital of the General Government. The picture that we can associate with Łódź is Piotrkowska Street, which contrary to popular opinion, is not the longest street there, and it is Pomorska Street. Due to its special location – located between the Freedom Square and the Independence Square – it is said that the road from independence to 4,2 km.












Purchase of catalysts in Przemyśl – Łukasz – phone number: 889 188 462  e-mail adress:













Przemyśl is located in the Podkarpackie province on the San River. In 1869, the first amateur theater in Europe was created in this city. During the war, the city was in two countries at the same time. Part of the law belonged to the USSR, and the left to the German Reich. It is located on seven hills. An interesting fact is that the city “played” in the film by Andrzej Wajda “Kronika wypadków miłosnych” Vilnius. Przemyśl is also known for the only museum of bells and pipes, Japanese culture centers, railway connection with Ukraine and natural gas-powered buses in the country. It is also worth mentioning that prisoners from the battle of Grunwald were forced to build the tower of the Kazimierzowski Castle.












Purchase of catalysts in Tarnów – Kamil – phone number: 726 776 172 e-mail adress:













Tarnów is a small town inhabited by 100,000 inhabitants. Known for its old town, which is often called the pearl of the Polish Renaissance. The most famous building that impresses with architecture is the Tarnowska Cathedral Basilica. In addition, the Tarnowski family monument is still considered the most impressive tombstone in Europe. The beautiful Town Hall also deserves praise. According to Jan Długosz, the name of the village probably comes from the thorn blades that grew on the local hills. Other sources state that, however, from the name of the knight Tarna, the founder of the settlement, which gave the nucleus to the city. In Tarnów there is also the oldest diocesan museum in the country, which conceals in its walls triptych altars inscribed on the mentioned UNESCO list. In this city, the hero of war was born, Gen. Józef Bem and Jan Szczepanik, the inventor of the bulletproof vest. He also managed to construct a telecom, or today’s television.











Purchase of catalysts in Nowy Sącz – Sebastian – phone number: 739 229 229 e-mail adress:














Nowy Sącz – a Lesser Poland city, the capital of Nowosądecki poviat. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest cities in our country. It gained city rights in 1292, it was located by King Wenceslas II. Convenient location of the city, ensuring proximity of the trade route with Hungary enabled it to develop quickly. During the reign of Casimir the Great, Nowy Sącz turned a magnificent Sącz fortified castle, which became a meeting place for kings and princes. Among other things, our king Jagiełło and prince Witold met there, where they discussed war tactics, preparing for a war with the Teutonic Knights. Currently, Nowy Sącz has over 85,000 inhabitants.











Purchase of catalysts in Krakow Aneta – phone number: 793 090 399 e-mail adress:












Krakow – the former capital of Poland, a city that in some regions of the world is more associated than Warsaw. Adored by tourists by the amazing architecture, the ancient charm hanging in the air, the charming streets of the Old Town and the atmospheric cafes in which well-known artists created. The city has many secrets and curiosities. In Krakow, the first university founded in Poland by King Casimir the Great was founded, where the great scientists like Nicolaus Copernicus, Jan III Sobieski and Jan Kochanowski took their studies. The current president, Andrzej Duda, also studied here. It is there that the world-famous film “Schindler’s List” was filmed, a dachshund parade takes place every year, and there is a leaning tower on the Krakow market. It turns out that the town hall tower is deviated from the vertical up to 55 cm. Krakow was also the first city on the whole continent, which was entered on the UNESCO list. Legend has it that Wawel has the Wawel chakra, shrouded in mystery, from which flows enormous energy and power, thanks to which the city will always survive.










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