2019-09-29   aktualnosci
Catalyst 6S71-5E212-CB / 1482586 from Ford

Catalysts 6S71-5E212-CB/1482586 were used in the Ford Mondeo III model with 2...

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2019-08-29   aktualnosci
Catalyst 1077246E and 94BB-5E212-DB / 94BB-5E242-RB from Ford Mondeo

Catalyst number 1077246E I am present in FORD cars. Its size is about 33 cm long and about 28 cm wide...

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2019-07-31   aktualnosci
Catalyst 96FB-5E211-DK / 1042952 from Ford Fiesta IV

Catalyst 96FB-5E211-DK/1042952 is used by the Ford brand. It measures 36 cm in length and the weight of the insert is almost 1 kg...

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2019-05-24   aktualnosci
Ford – catalyst 001A574 and 0019315B