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New patterns of documents used for the needs of waste records

As you know, regulations related to environmental protection quite often undergo various changes. It is worth following the website of the Ministry of the Environment, reliable thematic portals, and of course our blog to be up to date.

Whenever there are any novelties related to waste management, record keeping or reporting, we immediately inform you about it.

This time, we would like to introduce you to the draft ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of 19 April 2019, which is to enter into force on May 1 this year.

This is a regulation on the specimens of documents used for the purposes of recording waste. It sets their new designs.

The following patterns are subject to changes:

1) the model of waste transfer card;
2) the model of the waste record card;
3) the model of the hazardous waste record card;
4) a model of a record card for municipal sewage sludge;
5) the model of the record card of waste electrical and electronic equipment; 6) design of the registration card of end-of-life vehicles;

In the case of a waste transfer card, the only changes we can see are the number on the REGON number, and no need to use a stamp in the fields for signature and date.

Current patterns of documents, necessary in the daily work of buying catalysts, can be found on our website, in the “documents to download” tab.

Remember that in DS AUTO, we are constantly up to date with all legal aspects of waste management. We are happy to help you with everything.

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