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We have a tablet with the CatCatalog application for you

Another month ahead of us, and with his arrival we have a new promotion for you. In addition to the attractive price offer for 4 selected models of catalysts, about which we will soon write on our blog, we have prepared a special treat!

On June 1-30, we invite you to visit our headquarters in Trzebinia at 21 Tuwima Street.

It will be an amazing opportunity to get to know us better and see how we use our own CatCatalog application, the largest database in which you will find more than 8,000 models of catalysts with current prices depending on current precious metal rates. It gives huge opportunities when it comes to buying catalysts. We use it in everyday work and it is constantly updated with new models.

The tablet and the application are made available to our regular suppliers. Throughout the next month you will be able to visit us and learn about the possibilities resulting from the use of the application.

Tablet with CatCatalog’s catalyst valuation app

Remember that our specialist for settlements, Rafał, who will step by step will present you the way the catalog works and will instruct you how to use it to maximize its potential. It is extremely simple.

How do you get a tablet with the application?

1. Collect 200 pieces of catalysts or 150 kg of ceramic monolith

2. Contact us and contracts for delivery in Trzebinia TEL. +48604611917

3. See our company, laboratory and the entire valuation process of used catalysts from the inside


4. Decide whether you want to become one of our dozens of Business Partners. We have a tablet for you with unlimited access to the application at an attractive price.

5. Use the app in the daily valuation of catalysts and develop your business with us!


What to do if you are unable to collect the amount of material indicated by us?

We have a solution for you! Contact us and we will show you our partner point with which you can establish cooperation and get to know the application better.