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JAZZ catalyst from Honda

Catalysts JAZZ are used in the production of exhaust systems by Honda. They are about 45 cm long, and about 15 cm wide together with flattened edges. The weight of the insert is 0.6 kg.

A characteristic feature is the lack of numbers on the cover. However, it can be recognized by 5 stripes located under the housing. Catalysts were installed in the model Honda Jazz.

JAZZ catalyst from Honda

Honda Jazz or Honda Fit , is a car from the B segment, also classified as a minivan, created by the Japanese company Honda. The vehicle was manufactured in Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Mexico and even India.

Production of the first series, also called City, lasted from 1981 to 1986. Stylistically, she was extremely similar to the Nissan Micra. It was first presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. Then, production was stopped until 2001, when the first generation of the model – Honda Jazz I – saw the light of day. It was shown during the show at Tokyo and Geneva Motor Show. The second generation lasted from 2008 – 2015, and the third generation was created in 2013 and is still produced today.

Honda Jazz

Honda already in the 80s used the name “Jazz” to describe a three-door hatchback. The model has a relatively large internal space compared to its small external dimensions. This effect was achieved, inter alia, by not placing the fuel tank in the rear as usual, but directly under the front seats. This creates a completely flat and low loading floor, even when the rear seats are folded down. The compact transverse motor has a positive effect on the interior space. In the area of safety, Honda Jazz won four out of a maximum of five stars available in the EuroNCAP crash test.

In 2005 Jazz underwent a small facelift, and the shape of the front and rear bumpers became well recognizable. In July 2007, Honda announced that more than two million Jazz / Fits products were sold worldwide, including 417,000 in Europe.