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Catalyst GM16 / 90467875/1494 / C5 / UNILAB from Opel Corsa

Catalysts with the number GM16/90467875/1494/C5/UNILAB, are used by Opel in the construction of exhaust systems. They measure about 30 cm long and the width is 13 cm. The contribution weight is 1.13 kg. The catalysts have a symmetrical shape and two convex stripes arranged transversely in the center of the catalyst. This model was used in Opel Corsa B 1.2, in the gasoline version from 1994-1995. Manufactured by AC.

Catalyst GM16 / 90467875/1494 / C5 / UNILAB

About the model Opel Corsa we wrote about the topic of the issue GM20, which was in the January promotion. Today, we will mention the pros and cons of using the Corsa, which are most often mentioned by its owners.


– Good visibility

– It’s good to drive

– Comfortable bucket seats

– Dynamic engine

– Perfect for everyday short distances

– Cheap spare parts and repair


– Corroding body and chassis

– High fuel consumption for such a small engine capacity

– No support

– Poor mute

– Ventilation that leaves much to be desired

Opel Corsa
Opel Corsa