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Catalyst GM131 – small catalyst with high price

One of the catalysts from the GM131 group is the GM131 / 355561283 model. These catalysts are used by the German brand Opel. They are characterized by small sizes – they are only 25 cm long and their weight does not exceed 0.13 kg! Their shape is quite unusual. One of the outlets is strongly elongated and constitutes almost half of the length of the specific part of the catalyst.

Despite its small size, its retail price on 30/04/2019 is PLN 297. In the case of this catalyst, the price offered in our purchase is about 34% higher than in the competitive purchases.

GM131 catalysts are used in such models as:

  • Opel Zafira B 1.9 CDTI, Z19DT;
  • Opel Astra H 1.9 CDTI, Z19DT;
  • Opel Vectra C 1.9 CDTI. Z19DT;

We have already written about all the above models in other articles on the other models of Opel catalysts.

On our blog you will find information about Zafira, Astra and Vectra.

Unfortunately, there is still a belief that a small catalyst must be cheap. Many people keep repeating the myth, which shows that the smaller the catalyst, the fewer precious metals included in the model. Today we would like to disprove this myth. As can be seen in the case of the GM131 model, the small size does not determine the price of the used catalyst. The amount of precious metals is important, and this is verified not on the basis of weighing or measuring the length of the kata, but on the basis of the XRF analysis of the monolith coming from the part.

This analysis is carried out by specialists working in our laboratory. The content of noble elements, obtained as a result of the test, is entered into the CatCatalog application, where the algorithm calculates the current price of all catalysts in the database on a daily basis based on the current precious metal rates. It currently has 7974 models!

To take advantage of the possibilities offered by the catalyst app, contact us and become our regular supplier.

You can find more about the benefits of using the application in the article dedicated to the catalog.

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