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Catalyst C63 / 7700849548 with Renault Kangoo and Clio

Catalysts with the number C63/7700849548 are used in the production of car catalysts for the French brand Renault. They have a simple and flat shape with four transverse stripes in the center of the lid. These are ceramic catalysts manufactured by Arvin Meritor. They are 38 cm long, while the weight of the insert is just over 1 kg. The structure of the model is symmetrical, except for one of the outlets, which is located at a different angle than the other. The housing has a tendency to corrode.

Catalyst C63 / 7700849548

Catalysts C63 / 7700849548 were installed in Renault Kangoo, and Renault Clio in 2000-2009 in engine version 1.4

About Renault Kangoo, and Renault Clio, you can find more information on articles about catalysts C162, and C53/7700411008.

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