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Catalyst 6Q0178AB/6Q0131701D from Škoda Fabia

Catalysts number 6Q0178AB/6Q0131701D are characterized by small size. Their length is only 26 cm, and the weight of the contribution is 0.64 kg. They have an extremely symmetrical construction. The middle part, filled with a ceramic insert, is the widest and has a round shape. On the sides are the inlet and outlet. This catalyst is used, among others, by the Škoda brand in the Fabia I model with the 1.4 engine from 2003.

Catalyst 6Q0178AB/6Q0131701D from Škoda Fabia

Fabia is a small car produced by Škoda Auto. It was officially presented at the 58th Frankfurt Motor Show on September 14, 1999. Initially available as a five-door hatchback. The car was introduced as the successor of Škoda Felicia, despite the fact that both models were produced for a long time in parallel. Less than a year after the hatchback, the Fabia was introduced with a station wagon, and a sedan joined the body range in 2001. In 2007, the second generation of hatchback was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, ending production of its first generation. The second Combi series was introduced six months later. In the second generation, the production of the sedan was abandoned. The cars were produced in Mladá Boleslav. In April 2007, the production tape left the two-millionth Škoda Fabia, and in May 2012, a 3-millionth car. At the beginning of October 2014, the third generation was presented during the Paris Motor Show, and in 2018 a facelift was decided.

Škoda Fabia I

Škoda Fabia I

Sales began on the European market in December 1999. In 2000, it passed the Euro NCAP crash test, which resulted in four stars. The estate model was introduced in the autumn of 2000. A year later, a sedan appeared in Geneva. Already in 2004, a millionth copy was sold in April, and after a large success, in the summer of the same year, the sale of the sports version RS was launched. In August, the first facelift was carried out, as a result of which the car was equipped with a new front bumper with round fog lamps, “tails” on the rear lights, a third headrest and a three-point seat belt for the rear central seat. New steering wheels (from the second generation of Octavia) were also prepared, new seat covers and small parts modernized.

The sale of the first generation hatchback was completed on April 13, 2007, while the production of other versions of the body lasted for some time.

Body versions

  • Hatchback (from December 1999)
  • Combi (from 2000)
  • Sedan (from 2001)
  • Praktic – utility vehicle

Equipment versions

  • Junior – the lowest level of equipment, introduced in 2001, offered with a hatchback body, the car had only one liter engine (later replaced by a 1.2-liter engine), thirteen-inch wheels, no power steering, and the characteristic feature was unpainted bumpers.
  • Classic
  • Comfort – after facelift replaced by Ambiente
  • Elegance
  • RS – sport version
  • Practic – a utility version of Fabia, which was created from a station wagon, introduced in January 2002. It had only two places behind which there was a grille. The rear windows were covered.

    Škoda Fabia I

There are also limited versions:

Styl version – This edition was created in 2002. It was offered in both hatchback and combi versions, with 1.4 MPI (50 and 44 kW) engines and 1.9 SDI 47 kW engines. The edition tried to combine rich equipment with an affordable price. The interior was made in black onyx with mystic upholstery fabrics. Only for this version was offered a metallic color. The basic equipment included a chromed package (shift lever, handbrake fuse, interior door handles and door locks), rear split seats, Symphony CD radio, 8 speakers, rear door panels, central keylock and steel 15 “wheels, front fog lights, 2 front airbags, reclining headrests and even a tire maintenance spray!

Fresh edition – This model was based on the Junior model and was offered for all three bodies. He was characterized by varnished bumpers and power steering.

Marathon – the edition available only for the estate was sold in the summer of 2002. Compared to the original Classic version, it offered 2 front airbags, electric control of windshields, exterior mirrors painted in the color of the car, electric boot (12V), control of the fuel tank cover from the driver’s seat, central lock, radio with cassette player and eight loudspeakers , ABS system and on-board computer. The black interior has been decorated with a new red Starchip upholstery.

Attractive  the version was available only in metallic colors. In addition to the default equipment from the Classic version, there were 2 front airbags, electric controls for the windshields, exterior mirrors in the color of the car and warning lights in the door panels. The car also had built-in textile carpets, a Škoda radio with a cassette player and eight speakers, a central keylock, a chromed dashboard on-board computer, front fog lights and a tire repair spray.

Škoda Fabia I

Škoda Fabia RS

Škoda Fabia RS is a variant derived from the hatchback version. It premiered in March 2003 at the Geneva Motor Show. The car has a versatile external appearance in a slightly sporty style.

The front bumper with an integrated spoiler is moved forward and shaped in the WRC style. The Fabia RS had a powerful turbocharged 1.9 TDI-PD diesel engine (96 kW / 130 hp) with pump nozzle technology under the hood. In combination with a 6-speed manual transmission, it not only provides powerful drive, but also better operational efficiency. It was in production until 2007. 21 551 copies were introduced to the market.

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