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Catalyst 46466127 from Fiat Bravo and Brava

Catalyst number 46466127 is used by the Italian brand Fiat. It is less than 40 cm long and about 22 cm wide. The weight of the ceramic insert is 1,235 kg. It is distinguished by an extremely symmetrical shape, flattened edges, and the cover in the central part is perforated. Catalysts were used in the model Fiat Bravo, and Fiat Brava petrol versions with 1.4 engine capacity. Mounted in exhaust systems in 1995-1998. Manufactured by Ismeretlen.

Catalyst 46466127

We have already written about Fiat Bravo and Brava when describing the model number 46473014/46524758.

Here, we would like to describe the pros and cons of using both models.

Fiat Bravo


– Value for money

– Ergonomics

– A lot of space for passengers

– Good engine

– Simple to repair

– No problems finding replacement parts


– Commonly occurring faults

– Rigid suspension (for some it’s a plus)

– High fuel consumption for such a small capacity as 1.4

– Common car body problems

Fiat Bravo

Fiat Brava

 Strengths :

– Space for driver and passengers

– Interior ergonomics

– Interesting and timeless exterior design

– Spacious trunk

– Good quality audio system


– The 1.4 engine is considered the most unreliable of the entire range

– Poor visibility, especially when driving backwards

– Ventilation and heating leave much to be desired

– High fuel consumption

– Weak lights

Fiat Brava