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Catalyst 1728174/2256416010 / PD with BMW E36

Catalyst number 1728174/2256416010/PD  was used by an extremely popular brand in Poland BMW. This catalyst is characterized by an oblong, slim shape and a considerable length reaching up to 80 cm! The weight is also impressive and amounts to 1.507 kg. The structure of the model and the arrangement of outlets is asymmetrical. This catalyst was installed in BMW E36 316i and 318i, in the gasoline version in the years 1990-2000. They were produced by the Eberspacher company.

Catalyst number 1728174/2256416010 / PD with BMW E36 316i and 318i

We have already discussed the subject of BMW E36 twice. We mentioned that this is a car that still attracts attention, despite the fact that in the meantime many new and more refined models were created. However, it is worth adding a few curiosities in his subject, which you may not have known about, and which will show how popular this car was in the 90’s. ‘ Currently, its popularity among used cars has beaten the iconic E46.

The model we are writing about appeared on the market much more modern than the then Audi or Mercedes.  The German brand has proposed something completely new when it comes to design. Even in terms of aesthetics, the car was associated with dynamics and power. It also seemed “threatening.” Maybe that’s why he became the hero of several iconic films.

E36 appeared among others in the film “Dogs” by Władysław Pasikowski. The action of the story takes place in 1990. Meanwhile, the main character, Franz Maurer, is just moving the E36, which, interestingly, entered production only a year later.

BMW E36 from the movie “Dogs”

In addition, the model E36 318i appeared in Mission Impossible, in the films Adrenaline, Ronin, American Beauty or Me, the spy, and in many episodes of the Polish crime series “W11 – Investigative Department”. Maybe for the sake of the fact that “bad guys” often used it, there were many interesting and even funny myths around the car and their owners.

As for the facts – many of the copies that came to Poland were massively adorned by young tuning adepts, xenons, various spoilers (not necessarily matching shape or color), and stickers that greatly disfigured the model. Later problems with the sale of these cars quickly quenched the enthusiasm for this type of modification, so nowadays such “raisins” are found less and less frequently on advertising websites.

BMW e36 after tuning

Either way, this model was extremely successful. This is evidenced by the fact that their owners are rare guests in car workshops. What drivers complain about is suspension problems, which often result, however, from the quality of our Polish roads. Shock absorbers are another thing to look out for. Copies from the beginning of production also have problems with rust. This problem is not so common in cars manufactured after 1993.

Where did the model become so popular in the last 10 years? In addition to the really interesting visual side, it was largely influenced by the fact that for little money, you could buy a strong and fast car that gives you great driving pleasure. Car in decent condition can be bought for 5-6 thousand. Joy of use – priceless.

Depending on the year, we can find the following engine versions under the hood:

  • 316i – 100 HP, 102 HP, 105 HP,
  • 318 ti – 140 HP,
  • 318 i – 113 HP, 115 HP,
  • 318 is – 140 HP,
  • 320 i – 150 HP,
  • 323 ti – 170 HP,
  • 323 i 2.5 – 170 HP,
  • 325 i – 192 HP,
  • 328 i – 193 HP,
  • 0 R6 – 295 HP, 286 HP,
  • 2 R6 – 321 HP,
  • 318 tds – 90 HP,
  • 325 td – 115 HP,
  • 325 tds – 143 HP,

As you can see the selection is quite large. So how do you choose? The 115 HP diesel is especially recommended, as well as the petrol versions from which the catalyst described in the article comes.