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Catalyst 1077246E and 94BB-5E212-DB / 94BB-5E242-RB from Ford Mondeo

Catalyst number 1077246E I am present in FORD cars. Its size is about 33 cm long and about 28 cm wide. The appearance of the catalyst is characterized by rounded edges and a flat shape. A characteristic appearance is also given by the asymmetrically arranged outlet, which is located on the side of the cover. This catalyst model is most often found in the Ford Mondeo II model from the production times in 1996-2000.

Catalytic converter 1077246E from Fiat Mondeo

Catalysts 94BB-5E212-DB/94BB-5E242-RB are used by the brand Ford. They are 45 cm long and 22 cm wide. The weight of the insert is 0.91 kg. The catalyst has two outlets, including one double; flattened edges along the entire length and two convex stripes located transversely in the center of the shaft. Also used in production Ford Mondeo.

94BB-5E212-DB / 94BB-5E242-RB catalyst from Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo is an American model of the D-middle class car, created for families. Its production began in 1993 by the Ford Company. The name of the model refers to the Latin word mundus – the world, or from a Spanish mondo with the same meaning.
In Europe, it proudly replaced Ford Sierra. This is evidenced by the Car of the Year award in 1994.

The promotional catalyst was present in the modernized first version of the model, which was marked by the manufacturer with the symbol Mk II. Production of this model began in October 1996 and lasted until 2000.
Mondeo Mk II was a model that was more thought-out and which included the implementation of corrections, which unfortunately appeared in the debut version.
The biggest improvements appeared in the lighting zone. Mainly modified were the passing beam, which in the initial version was indicated as hazardous.
In order to increase the sense of security, three-point, self-closing straps have been introduced on all seats.
Assembled an airbag for the driver and passenger from the first model turned out to be a valued attribute, which contributed to the first place in the 1994 Car Competition.
Side airbags could also be purchased for an additional fee.
The manufacturer Mondeo focused not only on safety, but also perceptible driving comfort.
The title model did not lack amenities such as: windscreen heating system, storage for cassettes and plates, the car had a central lock, electric mirrors and windows as well as a folding sofa, and radio control was possible from the steering wheel.
In terms of external aesthetics, the body was changed, a well-developed bumper appeared, as well as new rims.

Ford Mondeo 2000

The Mk II model, as in the previous version, was available in several body versions:
4-door sedan
5-door liftback
5 – door combo

The basic engine versions in gasoline included 1.6 16V; 1.8 16V; 2.0 16V; 2.5 V6. Version 1.8 16V in the years 1996-2000 had a built-in catalyst, which can be sold at a promotional price this month. The 1.8 16V engine has 117 hp, in 11 seconds it is able to reach a speed of 100 km, and the maximum speed of this model with the described engine version is 195 km / h.
When it comes to diesel, you can’t expect too much choice, the only version is the 1.8 TD engine.
In addition to the basic engines, you could also purchase the sport version of the vehicle called ST24 and ST200.

The first of these was created in February 1997 and was available in the 2.5 V6 version with 170 hp.
In addition to the introduction of new technical data to the vehicle, you could also notice the sporty appearance that draws attention to the suspension and leather bucket seats inside the vehicle.
The second model was introduced to the market in March in 1999 and was powered by a 205 HP Duratec engine.

Users love this car model because of its functionality.
The Mondeo cab offers plenty of space especially in the front of the vehicle. The armchairs are comfortable, and more importantly, you can maneuver them according to your own amenities.
All switches on the dashboard are placed in an intuitive way for the driver, which is why it is a very great convenience.
The basic trunk volume is 540 liters, but it can be increased to 1610 liters by folding the rear of the couch.

From a negative point of view, you can expect defects from the level of: premature wear of the front suspension stabilizer, failure of the front wishbone bush, minor problems with the vehicle’s electricity or frequent corrosion of the exhaust system.

Despite the minor drawbacks, the car was quite successful.
In the 90s it was the most popular family and company car.
To this day on the roads you can find many cars on the road of this model.
However, we encourage you to take advantage of the current promotion and get the price above and sell the catalyst described.