About catalytic converters

Katalizatory Ds Auto
Rapid development of the automotive industry caused the problem of emission of vehicle exhaust gases to the atmosphere. Car manufacturers, in order to fight with the pollution of environment, started constructing appliances to reduce the emission of harmful chemical substances by vehicles. The device that is responsible for the reduction of exhaust emissions is the catalytic converter.


Brief history

1975r. – market introduction of two-way catalytic converters. They were to control carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Soon, three-way converters were formed, where the exhaust gases were cleaned from nitrogen oxide.

1986r. – first cars equipped with catalytic converters entered the market in Western Europe

1996r. – catalytic converters conquered Europe

2007r. – driving bans for cars without catalytic converters in cities in Germany

2009r. – driving bans for cars without catalytic converters between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. in Rome

How it works?

Da Auto Katalizatory

Catalytic converter is a part of an exhaust system. It is formed of chemical substances (catalysts), which stimulate substances contained in exhaust gas to react with each other withstanding the reaction…Catalysts cause different chemical reactions around metal, very often platinum catalytic converter. Nitrogen oxides are converted into nitrogen and oxygen, carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbons are transformed into water and carbon dioxide. Thanks to this process we can enjoy fresh air.