BMW – 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805

Catalytic converter 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805 is a catalytic converter coming from BMW. Its weight is 1.88 kg and it is almost 40 cm long. Rounded, non- symmetrical shape. One of the side outlets is directed downwards. Applied in the models E36 and E46 in the years 1999-2001. The price of the catalytic converter 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805 as for 12.09.2018 is PLN 828.59.

FORD 0019316 001A575

Ford Mondeo III – oznaczany kodem Mk III samochód osobowy, produkowany przez amerykańskim koncern motoryzacyjny – Ford Motor Company. Trzecia seria zadebiutowała w 2000 roku. Dwa i cztery lata po wejściu na rynek, auto poddano małym modyfikacjom. W USA znany był pod nazwami Ford Five Hundred oraz Mercury Milan.

FORD 1S71-5E211-EG/1258206

Catalytic converter number 1S71-5E211-EG/1258206 appears in passenger Ford cars. It is 35 cm long and its weight is almost 1.3 kg. It is characterized by a round shape and lack of symmetry – on one side it is ended with a flat enlargement with screws located at the side outlet. This catalytic converter is mounted in Fords Mondeo III with gas engines.

Where is the catalytic converter located?

A catalytic converter is one of the parts of an exhaust system. It can be installed inside the exhaust manifold or directly under the car and the location depends on the car age and model. Currently, the catalytic converters can be found both in petrol engine cars and compression-ignition engine-driven cars. Although different in type they are intended to play the same role.

The most expensive catalytic converters

A cat or, in other words, a catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts of an exhaust system with the price ranging from several hundred to even several tens of thousands of zlotys. What is the reason for such high prices? It is the content of noble metals in the converter. Several tons of worn out converters contain approx. 1 kg of platinum.

GDPR at DS Auto

GDPR has been broadly talked about recently. And this is correct because practically each company should get ready for the new regulation coming into force. The changes covered by the new law will affect also companies that purchase worn out catalytic converters as they process personal data. We at DS Auto are ready now.

Advantages of collaboration with an entrusted company which buys in catalytic converters.

If you read regularly our blog you probably know what to pay attention to when selecting a company where you are going to sell your worn out converters regularly or occasionally. There are more and more companies dealing with converter buying- in as they see it as an easy and profitable business. But to be assured of the quality of the transactions we recommend to select a trusted brand. What are the advantages of collaborating with a company which has been present in the market for several or more than ten years now?