Katalizator 6N0131701AA/J28WWO GERMANY to katalizator wykorzystywany przez markę Volkswagen. Charakteryzuje się niewielkimi rozmiarami – mierzy około 35 cm długości, choć jego waga wynosi aż 1,235 kg. Ma symetryczny, okrągły kształt. Wyróżnia go perforowana obudowa. Występuje w modelu Volkswagen Polo. Częstym przypadkiem katalizatora 6N0131701AA/J28?WWO GERMANY, jest spadanie obudowy. W takiej sytuacji najlepiej skorzystać z wyspecjalizowanego punktu skupu. Tylko ekspert jest w stanie prawidłowo rozpoznać ten model i odpowiednio go wycenić.

Mazda RX8

Katalizatory RX8 wykorzystywane przez Mazdę charakteryzują się  podłużnym, niesymetrycznym kształtem. Obudowane są srebrną blachą z licznymi wgłębieniami. Jeden z wylotów tworzy integralną część z całością. Drugi wysunięty jest poza bryłę. Długość mierzy niecałe 70 cm, a waga wynosi około 1,5 kg. Cena detaliczna w dniu 18.10.2018 r. wynosi 1 273,59 zł (296,18 EUR). Wykorzystywane są w modelu RX8.

BMW – 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805

Catalytic converter 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805 is a catalytic converter coming from BMW. Its weight is 1.88 kg and it is almost 40 cm long. Rounded, non- symmetrical shape. One of the side outlets is directed downwards. Applied in the models E36 and E46 in the years 1999-2001. The price of the catalytic converter 1715303/2987721002/R01/US PATENT 5666805 as for 12.09.2018 is PLN 828.59.

What is the best time to sell your catalytic converter?

We are frequently asked the following question: Which of the two solutions is more profitable?:
✅ To sell the catalytic converter as quickly as possible after it is removed, or
✅ Wait for the prices of the noble metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium) to rise and only then take your catalytic converters to the collection point and turn them into cash?

Since when is the catalytic converter compulsory?

The obligation to install catalytic converters in new cars has been in force for several tens of years now. So what about the cars which were produced before that date? Will they be MOTed without a cat? What about the popular Diesel cars? What exhaust emission standards does a car have to meet to be licensed? Below you will find the answers to all those questions.

Where is the catalytic converter located?

A catalytic converter is one of the parts of an exhaust system. It can be installed inside the exhaust manifold or directly under the car and the location depends on the car age and model. Currently, the catalytic converters can be found both in petrol engine cars and compression-ignition engine-driven cars. Although different in type they are intended to play the same role.

GDPR at DS Auto

GDPR has been broadly talked about recently. And this is correct because practically each company should get ready for the new regulation coming into force. The changes covered by the new law will affect also companies that purchase worn out catalytic converters as they process personal data. We at DS Auto are ready now.